Couch Surfing!

Couch Surfing!

from 5.00

Some Liverpool activists have kindly offered their houses for people to stay in. These will be sofas, beds and in some cases floor space. If you have any particular requirements, please fill in the 'Special Requirements' form during purchase. While we will try our best to fulfil these requirements, we cannot make any guarantees. 

While these spaces are available for free, there is a suggested donation of £25 for those who can afford it. This money will go towards funding #TWT2016 and making sure the festival is kept free and open to all.  

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While we can guarantee you a place to stay in someone's house we are providing an informal connecting service between activists and are not responsible for your stay there. We hope you have an interesting time staying with your host and please remember to treat it like you would want someone to treat your own home.