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PanelFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room
PanelFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room

Radical pedagogy: What Is Education For?

Sat 21.09.19
3pm – 4:30pm

What is education for? Will schools always reproduce inequality? How can learning help build a better world for the global many? In this session we will step beyond the idea that limits education to good schools and good grades to examine the big questions that underpin education. With help from socialist theorists such as Antonio Gramsci and Paolo Freire we will discuss radical educational ideas and explore how we can transform our education system into one that promotes emancipatory learning for all.


Howard Stevenson is Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Nottingham and expert on the datafication of teaching.

Diane is a sociologist Professor of Education at Cambridge University with a particular interest in inequalities in education

Chloe is a primary school teacher, National Education Union activist and editor of TransformEd podcast

Alpesh Maisuria is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London. He interested in social class, educational policy, neoliberalism and Marxism.


Professor Karma Nabulsi is a writer, academic and former Palestinian representative



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