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Climate justice
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WorkshopKomedia - Main Space
WorkshopKomedia - Main Space

Visioning the Green New Deal in your local area

Sat 21.09.19
1pm – 3:40pm

There will be as many Green New Deals as there are towns, cities, workplaces and communities. After exploring the plan’s key pillars, together we will imagine what a Green New Deal means for us and where we’re from. Let no ambition be ‘unrealistic’ in our pursuit of climate stability, economic justice, abundance and public luxury.


Chris is Labour for a Green New Deal's co-director for Campaigns & Organising.


Adrienne is Labour for a Green New Deal's co-director for Policy & Events.

Hamza Hamouchene is a London-based researcher and activist. He is the co-founder of Algeria Solidarity Campaign (ASC) and coordinator of Environmental Justice North Africa (EJNA)

Sakina Sheikh is a local Labour Councillor for the Borough of Lewisham and a Climate Justice campaigner at Platform London where she is working on scoping out how a Green New Deal (national climate policy) could benefit local communities, particularly in London and the Global South.

Sakina is currently running to be a Labour candidate for the Greater London Assembley, with her #SheikhUpCityHall campaign.

Farzana Khan is a cultural producer and an award-winning arts educator. She works at Platform, a climate and social justice organization working across arts, education, research and activism.


Platform’s current campaigns focus on the social, economic and environmental impacts of the global oil industry. Our pioneering education courses, exhibitions, art events and book projects promote radical new ideas that inspire change.

Labour for a Green New Deal envisions a prosperous, socialist, zero-carbon society as the alternative to our current world ridden with political, economic and ecological crises. A Green New Deal will transform the economy through unprecedented investment in technology, infrastructure and people

Climate justice
Left Strategy


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