Full Lineup



Aaron Bastani

Abi Wilkinson

Aditya Chakrabortty

Alec Price

Alex Nunns

Alex Scrivener

Alex Williams

Alice Martin

Amanda Jacks

Amina Gichinga

Amir Amirani

Ana Terriente

Andrew Murray

Andy Greene

Andy Walsh

Ann Pettifor

Anthony Barnet

Asad Rehman

Barb Jacobson

Bhaskar Sunkara

Ben Chacko

Bice Maiguashca

Caroline Molloy

Carl Kennedy

Cat Boyd

Cat Hobbs

Catarina Principe

Chris Williamson MP

Clive Lewis MP

Colette Williams

Colin Hendrie

Darren Cullen

David Carr





Dawn Foster

Diane Abbott MP

Donna Guthrie

Ellen Clifford

Emma Rees

Fabio de Masi

Faiza Shaheen

Glenn Greenwald

Hareem Ghani

Harry Leslie Smith

Heather Blakey

Helen Hester

Hillary Wainwright

Ian Hodson

Jacqui Howard

James McKenna

James Meadway

Jamie Driscoll

Jayne Lawless

Jennifer Verson

Jeremy Gilbert

Jill Mountford

Jo McNeill

Joanna Burns

John Christensen

John Harris

John Ledger

John McDonnell MP

John Teggart

Jon Cruddas MP

Jon Lansman

Jon Trickett MP


Jonathan Dean

Jonathan Rosenhead

Kara Wayland Larty

Kate Shea Baird

Keir Milburn

Kelly Rogers

Kelvin Hopkins

Ken Loach

Laura Williams

Leo Panitch

Leyla Hussein

Lisa Simmons

Lucia Pradella

Lupita Valdes

Malia Bouattia

Manuel Cortes

Marcus Barnett

Mark Serwotka

Matt Wrack

Max Shanly

Michael Roberts

Natasha Josette

Neal Lawson

Nick Dearden

Nick Srnicek

Nilufer Gules

Nina Doran

Owen Jones

Pablo Bustindoy 

Pablo Navarrete

Pat Levey Bennet

Paul Mason


Paula Peters

Pragna Patel

Pur Ariza

Rachel Broadbent

Rachel Maskell MP

Rachel Shabi

Rebecca Hillman

Richard Kuper

Richard Knight

Richard Seymour

Rhea Wolfson

Ronan Burtenshaw

Saira Weiner

Sakina Zahra

Sam Keeley

Sarah Jayne Clifton

Sarah Weston

Selina Todd

Sheila Coleman

Simon Parker

Shereen Kalideen 

Sol Gamsu

Steph Green

Stephanie Lightfoot-Bennett

Tatiana Garavito

Tom Unterrainer

Vanessa Olorenshaw

Yannis Gourtsoyannis

Zita Holbourne

& more to be announced



Kid Carpet

Stealing Sheep 

& more to be announced

All We Are

Barbie Shop


Contributing artists

Ed Hall


Michael Beitz

Patrick Lowry

Dorcas Casey


Matt Bonner


& more to be announced

Curated by ANTI PV

Allie Litherland

Art for Action

Boss Morris

Darren Cullen

Dryden Goodwin

Fighting for Crumbs



[Again] Philosophy



Ballymurphy Massacre Families

Barcelona en Comu

Basic Income UK

Black Activists Rising Against Cuts

Black Lives Matter Manchester

Bloco de Esquerada

Brick Lane Debates

Carbon Co-op Manchester



Die Linke

Disabled People Against Cuts

Football Supporters Federation

Global Justice Now

Hillsborough Justice Campaign


Hope Not Hate

The Intercept

IO Publishing


Jubilee Debt Campaign

The Labour Party

The Labour Representation Committee

Liverpool Pride


Momentum Football

Momentum Kids



Red Pepper


Salford Community Theatre

Save Lewisham Hospital

Save Liverpool Women's Hospital

Socialist Register

Spirit of Shankly

Switched On London

The Suggestibles

Take Back The City

Talk Socialism

The Transnational Institute

UCL Rent Strike campaign

United Families and Friends Campaign

& more to be announced


Momentum NHS

Momentum Women

Momentum Youth and Students

Morning Star

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

New Economics Foundation




Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Picture House Living Wage Campaign

People's Assembly Against Austerity

Plan C


Public and Commercial Services Union



Migration and Open Borders: A New Wave of International Solidarity

Momentum NHS Launch

On Corbynism: Alex Nunns in conversation w/ Richard Seymour

Ralph Miliband in the 21st Century

Pint and Politics: Labour’s Economic Policy

Power and Politics in the 21st Century

Preparing for Power: Fight Austerity, Fight Racism

Queering Politics

Re-Thinking Higher Education: A Radical Vision for Higher Education

Rent Strikes & Preventing Prevent: The Future of the Student Movement

Resisting the Debt Economy

Taking Back the City: Radical Municipalism in Europe

The English Question

The Fight For Energy Democracy

The Long Depression: Marxism and the Global Crisis of Capitalism

The New Politics of Art

The Suggestibles: Improvised Comedy

This is a Coup Film Screening

We Are Many Screening

We Own It

We Should All Be Feminists

What Could a Left Government Do?

What is Momentum for?

Where Now for the European Left?

Who’s left? Amplifying Unheard Voices

Without These Walls

Young Voices, Young Vision: The World According to Young Refugees

Young Workers in Revolt

+ more to be announced.

A Beginner's Guide to the Labour Party

A Green Industrial Revolution

After Brexit: The Rise of the Far Right

Basic Income: Necessary for the Transition to a Care-centred Economy?

Become a Citizen Journalist

Black Lives Matter! Building Black Power

Building a Co-operative Economy

Building a Counter Narrative: The Future of Radical Media

Building a Progressive Majority

Building a Progressive Manifesto

Corbyn: Tackling Media Bias

Crisis, Theory and the Future

Data and Democracy

Education: Current Issues and Different Futures

Examining Oppression: Race, Class, Gender

Fight for Justice: Linking up Campaigns against State Violence

Fighting the Higher Education Bill

Football as a Force for Change

From Struggle to Solidarity: A Migrant Led Discussion

Future Visions

The Future of Work

The Future of the Unions

The Social Strike: Making Business Do What We Want

How Can We Build an Inclusive Movement?

The Labour Party as a Social Movement?

Latin America: Reform and Resistance

Lessons From Greece: Experiments in Building a Solidarity Economy

Liverpool Pride: Find Your Pride

Making the Left Sexy