We couldn't do it without our support network...

TWT is the result of incredible voluntary effort. We are committed to keeping our events free and don't accept any corporate sponsorship. We rely on generous contributions from our supporters and friends to make it happen.

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Why we need your help...

While most of our work is done by a team of tireless volunteers, there are still a lot of expenses to cover. About half of our budget will be going on the venues we need as well as installing art to transform these spaces to reflect The World Transformed’s optimistic and inclusive atmosphere. We also need to pay for accommodation and travel costs for our volunteers and many of our speakers - otherwise we would only be able to host contributors from the larger well-funded organisations

We don't accept any corporate sponsorship and we're committed to keeping our events free to attend. As you can imagine - this makes funding difficult.

Our solution? The World Transformed Supporters' Network.

If you can commit to giving us a monthly donation of any size it will make our job much easier, allowing us to spend less time on fund-raising and more time on making The World Transformed a fantastic event. It will also put us on a much more sustainable footing, allowing us to continue this work for years to come.

What do I get? 

We believe in building a positive, optimistic vision for the future and creating exciting, participatory political experiences. These events aim to prove that there’s more to politics than just the Westminster bubble - only together can we build an inclusive movement capable of transforming our society for the better, and The World Transformed tries to help make that happen.

As a supporter, you will receive a ticket to The World Transformed every year, invitations to special supporter only events at the festival and information about what we are planning for TWT2018.