The World Transformed 2016 was an incredible success.

Over four days more than 5,000 people attended 150 hours of workshops, talks, gigs and exhibitions. We created a buzz never before seen at Labour Party conference. We were featured in over 100 media outlets from all over the world. We garnered praise from across the political spectrum.


But The World Transformed is about more than just one event. We're about pushing a positive vision for the future, talking about big ideas and creating new, exciting political experiences. We want to build a narrative of hope in a time of increasing pessimism and fear.


Now we need your help.


We don't accept any corporate sponsorship and we're committed to keeping our events free to attend. As you can imagine - this makes funding difficult.

Our solution? The World Transformed Supporters' Network.

For a pay as you feel monthly donation you can make TWT happen. However, we’re not just asking for money - we’re also giving back.


Supporters get:

- 50% off a subscription to The Jacobin Magazine
- 30% off “The Candidate: Jeremy Corbyn’s Improbable Path to Power” by Alex Nunns
- 20% off a special collection by THTC Clothing
- First chance to buy tickets to our special events.


Now more than ever we need a positive, inspiring political vision. We need big ideas and a focus on the future. We need to tell a story of hope.