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Building a healthy movement
Workshop68 Middle Street
Workshop68 Middle Street

A Kinder, Gentler Politics? Building better discussion on the left

Mon 23.09.19
9am – 10:30am

Corbynism has seen a remarkable flowering of political discussion—but these discussions, even when between comrades, can often be fraught or antagonistic. Four years on from the call for a different kind of politics, we are still falling short of this in our handling of conflict. This collaborative discussion offers a space to explore how we, as socialists, handle contradictions and differences. Why has it been so hard to do this well? Where do competitive capitalist attitudes persist within our movements, and how do they limit our ability to learn from one another?


Tom Williams is co-organiser of Southampton Transformed. He has lived in Southampton all his life. Tom worked as a primary school teacher for ten years, and currently works as a tutor in trade union studies. He is political education officer for Southampton and Romsey CLP.

josie sparrow is a philosophy scholar and a contributing editor at New Socialist.

Tom Gann is an editor at New Socialist whose book (co-authored with Tom Blackburn) on Corbynism beyond Corbyn is forthcoming from Repeater Books.


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Building a healthy movement


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