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Reading groupBrighthelm Pelham
Reading groupBrighthelm Pelham

A Rainbow Coalition in Every City

Sat 21.09.19
3pm – 4:30pm

Trump, Bolsonaro, Orban, Farage have all risen to prominence in recent years. Defeating them and winning at the polls requires us to be connected and learning across borders and oceans, so we can build most robust anti-racist and multi-ethnic movement we’ve ever seen. This session is an opportunity to study historical movements such as the Rainbow Coalition in the US, as well as present day examples, to rigorously discuss and imagine what and how we might build the same here and now.


Nelini Stamp is the National Organizing Director at the Working Families Party. She works with volunteer leaders across the country to build local progressive infrastructure.

Carinne Luck is a New York-based organizer and strategist. She has worked on a range of issues including domestic worker rights and immigrant rights.



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