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PanelFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room
PanelFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room

Alliances to Transform Europe

Mon 23.09.19
1pm – 2:30pm

After the defeat of SYRIZA in Greece, this session will look into the current state and future of cooperation of the left in Europe. We will compare experiences from the UK, Germany and Portugal. The panel will discuss how to achieve coalitions that can challenge neoliberal majorities in Europe. Most importantly, we will explore what should be a common project and vision of the left in Europe?


Zoe Williams is a journalist for the Guardian and the New Statesman.


Kevin Kühnert is a German politician with the Social Democratic Party. He is National Chairperson of the Young Socialists in Germany (Jusos).

Ana is a member of the Portuguese Socialist Party and former member of the European Parliament

Katja Kipping is a German MP and leader of political party Die Linke.

Clive is the Labour MP for Norwich South and Shadow Treasury Minister for Sustainable Economics.


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung/ Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a transnational alternative policy group and educational institution centred in Germany.

Coming together from across the perspective of the progressive left, Another Europe is Possible fights for democracy, human rights and social justice, and is campaigning for a referendum on the Brexit deal, with an option to remain in the EU.

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