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WorkshopBrighthelm Auditorium
WorkshopBrighthelm Auditorium

Brexit: let's get ready!

Sat 21.09.19
3pm – 4:30pm

Wtf is going on with Brexit? Will there be a no deal? Will Labour be campaigning for remain in a general election? Will Theresa May’s deal go through at the 11th hour? Join us to start scenario planning for all the various outcomes of the current Brexit stasis. This session will be hands-on - so make sure you come with your best strategic thinking caps. Let’s get ready for one of the biggest political moments in Britain’s recent history.


National Coordinator of Momentum

Best for Britain Co-founder and former CEO

Laurie Macfarlane is the Economics Editor at openDemocracy and Head of Finance at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. He is a co-author of Land For The Many.


Nick Dearden is Director of Global Justice Now and campaigner who helped win a new law to stop Vulture Funds from using UK courts to squeeze huge debt payments out of poor countries.

Owen Jones is a Guardian columnist and author

Jonathon is an anti-war activist and writer, he co-founded the Radical Independence Campaign and is convenor of New Foreign Policy

Michael produces and hosts the TyskySour video podcast at Novara Media and used to host the Fix. His interests include electoral strategy, populism and political communication. He is currently completing an MA at the LSE.

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