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Left Strategy
Climate justice
Panel and DiscussionTWT Big Tent
Panel and DiscussionTWT Big Tent

Building a radical climate justice movement

Sun 22.09.19
5:30pm – 7pm

The past twelve months has seen an explosion of radical climate organising in the UK. Labour for a Green New Deal will host this session, joined by Youth Strikes for Climate, to build a powerful grassroots movement demanding nothing short of economic transformation. This session is for anyone looking to link economic and climate justice campaigning and build connections between Labour and social movements.


Sarah Lunnon is coordinator of Extinction Rebellion’s Political Circle.

Rosie Carter-Rich is the co-lead of Labour for a Green New Deal's Local Groups Support Team.

Scarlett is part of the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN)


Brighton-based sect of an international youth-led movement fighting for immediate action against climate breakdown.


Labour for a Green New Deal envisions a prosperous, socialist, zero-carbon society as the alternative to our current world ridden with political, economic and ecological crises. A Green New Deal will transform the economy through unprecedented investment in technology, infrastructure and people

Left Strategy
Climate justice


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