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Building a healthy movement
Panel and DiscussionTWT Activities Tent
Panel and DiscussionTWT Activities Tent

Building Radical Solidarities

Sun 22.09.19
11am – 12:30pm

Corbyn was elected on a wave of hope for a ‘new politics,’ for a more humane, equal, democratic, anti-racist and sustainable society. Now, our challenge is to strengthen the collective solidarity that underpins this movement. In this deliberative workshop we will reflect on hard-won lessons from feminist, anti-racist, union-based and party-based experiences of solidarity building. Together we will identify ideas and approaches to solidarity building across difference that can help us develop a healthier left culture and grow a stronger and larger left movement.


Dr Faiza Shaheen is Director of the Centre for Social and Labour Studies (CLASS) and Parliamentary Candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green.


Reader in Culture & Creative Industries, is an academic at the School of Arts and Social Sciences of City, University of London. Author of Against Meritocracy: Culture, Power and Myths of Mobility (Routledge 2018)

Lynne Segal is a socialist feminist academic, activist and author Books include ‘Beyond the Fragments’ (1981) with Hilary Wainwright & Sheila Rowbotham and ‘Radical Happiness’ (2017).

Danny is the University of London branch secretary of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) and is also involved in the Senate House boycott.

Tom Wadsworth is an activist for Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants and has been involved in organising around their campaign to stop British Airways deporting people on charter flights.

Christine is a lecturer in Music Technology at London Metropolitan University and a University and College Union (UCU) activist. She is currently involved in the Senate House boycott campaign. ​


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Building a healthy movement


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