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Daring to dream: Utopias for the twenty-first century

Sun 22.09.19
3pm – 4:30pm

When we spend our lives dealing with the political realities of the current climate, it's easy to let our ambition fade. In this session we’ll hear a series of TED-style talks from some of today’s leading thinkers about how the future could be different - and better - than it is today, from radical feminism to zero-carbon or post-work economies. It will be a feast for our imaginations.


Paul Mason is a journalist, film-maker & author of Clear Bright Future: A radical defence of the human being.


Matt Cole is a post-doctoral research fellow at Leeds University and currently investigating the dynamics of human and machine intelligence in interactive service work. He is also research affiliate of the Autonomy think tank ad believes that technology has a politics, but it’s up to us to shape it.

Tadzio Müller is a Lecturer in Climate Justice and International Politics, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Diann Bauer is a artist and writer based in London. She is a co-author of Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation and is a member of the Miami based collaborative A.S.T. who's focus is urbanism and climate change.

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