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Municipal socialism
WorkshopBrighthelm Pelham
WorkshopBrighthelm Pelham

Doing the New Municipal Socialism

Sat 21.09.19
1pm – 2:30pm

Despite the urgent need for new municipalism, radical movements in the UK remain disjointed and relatively weak. In this workshop, we will bring practitioners and activists together to consider how we practically build alternative forms of local power, accountability and control. We will consider the role of professionals, experts and politicians in supporting local communities, and when it's time for them to stand aside or play a different role to those they are used to. This session will be an opportunity to network, share experiences and strengthen a national movement for radical new municipalism.


Frances is a Bradford-born community organiser with decades of experience working on community economic development. She is the Principal Director for Local Economies at the New Economics Foundation.

Municipal socialism


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