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Climate justice
WorkshopKomedia - Studio
WorkshopKomedia - Studio

Everything you wanted to know about climate negotiations but were too afraid to ask

Sun 22.09.19
9am – 10:30am

The Paris Agreement is done - we’re saved right? No. There’s no point thinking about institutions - leave it to the liberal NGOs, yeah? Also no.

Climate change negotiations may seem impenetrable. They may seem like our best chance to limit ecological breakdown, a necessary evil, or a greenwashing extravaganza. Whatever you think, they are coming to the UK in 2020 and the left better be ready.

This session will be about the politics behind the policy and what we can do over the next 18 months. Activists who want to know what to expect from the COP26 summit, this is your session.


Noelie Audi-Dor is a trustee at ActionAid and founder of the Gastivists - a network supporting grassroots groups who fight new gas infrastructure, facilitate the flow of information between NGOs and local groups, connect people and help build a movement that will stop gas and bring an energy transition.

Nathan Thanki is an organizer with the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice and part of the Framing Climate Justice network.

Aneesa is an executive director at SustainUS, a non-profit, nonpartisan, youth-led advocacy group in the United States, whose goal is to improve youth participation and youth empowerment as it relates to advancing sustainable development.

Pascoe is a researcher and campaigner at the Corporate Europe Observatory - a research and campaign group that investigates, exposes and challenges the power of corporate lobbying over European Union

Climate justice


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