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Work and unions
Panel and DiscussionFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room
Panel and DiscussionFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room

Labour, technology and the future of workers

Sat 21.09.19
7:30pm – 9pm

Over the past 60 years new technologies have reshaped our workplaces, from the production line and new management techniques, through to automation and algorithmic management. Many of these technologies were developed by bosses in their long fight back against the workers movement, and have been used to speed up work, squeezing more and more out of fewer resources. These attempts have traditionally been met often by slow downs, sabotage, and strikes. This session invites collective thinking around how workplace technologies influence our lives. By mapping the present and future of the work-tech matrix, we intend to consider the demands, workplace struggles and forms of regulation required for a fairer future of work.


Dan is a member of Game Workers Unite, a union for workers in the video games industry. He has been working in the games industry for 5 and a half years, across multiple disciplines. He is currently working as an audio engineer


Dr Jamie Woodcock is a researcher on work and class composition, author of Working the Phones (Pluto, 2017) and Marx at the Arcade (Haymarket, 2019), and an editor of Notes from Below.

Sarah Jaffe is a reporting fellow at Type Media Center and the author of Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt and an upcoming book about loving your job and why you shouldn't

An outsourced worker who led a direct action campaign fighting back against the introduction of controlling technology in their workplace.

Anita Kennedy has worked for Royal Mail as a postwoman for 4 years. She is an industrial and political rep for the CWU, and sits on their National Young Workers Committee.


Autonomy is an independent think tank rethinking work in an age of crisis.

Work and unions


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