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Crime and policing
PanelKomedia - Main Space
PanelKomedia - Main Space

Law and Order 101: Transformative Perspectives on Crime and Justice

Sat 21.09.19
11am – 12:30pm

How do police, prisons and immigration enforcement really operate in our society today? Does a fair society mean radically changing these institutions and if so, how do we actually get there?

Connecting work on Prevent to policing and gender-based violence, this introductory panel to the ‘Crime and Policing’ stream looks at what punitive state institutions really do, and asks what a genuinely transformative government might do about it.


Sex worker rights activist and organiser with SWARM, xtalk and United Voices of the World working to make the links between drug policy, sex worker rights and prison abolition. She leads the parliamentary and civil society lobbying work of Decrim Now - the national campaign for sex worker rights. She has represented sex workers at the national and international level.

Campaign Director of Caban for Queens. Caban Tiffany Cabán is an American attorney and public defender who ran for District Attorney of Queens on a platform of ending the war on drugs and mass incarceration, decriminalising sex work and investing in jobs and education rather than prisons.

Lecturer in Public Law at Queen Mary University London

Roz is a Policy and Campaigns Officer at the human rights organisation, Liberty

Head of Policy, INQUEST, a charity providing expertise on state related deaths in the UK.

Campaign Directors of Caban for Queens, a lifelong public defence attorney who ran for District Attorney of Queens on a platform of decriminalising sex work, ending cash bail and investing in communities, education and jobs - not prisons.


Patrick undertakes research and publishes in the area of 'race', ethnicity and criminal (in)justice, with a particular focus on processes of criminalisation, ‘racial disparity’ and differential treatment within the Criminal Justice System of England and Wales. He campaigns against the misuse of the racialized ‘gang’ label and collective punishments, including the doctrine of Joint Enterprise.

Crime and policing


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