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Art and Culture
WorkshopThe Old Market
WorkshopThe Old Market

Making a Cultural Movement

Sun 22.09.19
1pm – 2:30pm

For those looking to explore and build forms of culture that can be celebrated, produced and led by communities themselves, this session will be a chance to experience cultural democracy. Working with creative practitioners who will demonstrate their practice of working with and for people, the aim of this session is to identify what we can do to start of a national movement – to democratise culture and thereby collectively transform politics, so culture is at its core.


Rhiannon White is Co-Artistic Director of Common Wealth Theatre Company, who make site-specific theatre events that are political and address concerns of our times.

Hassan Mahamdallie Is a playwright, writer, arts policy maker and specialist in diversity and the arts.

Stephen Pritchard is a researcher, community artist, writer, art historian and activist based in the North-East.

Nick Mahony co-founder of The Movement for Cultural Democracy and a social researcher currently working on the Centenary Commission for Adult Education, with Lawrence & Wishart / Soundings Journal as well as on several other projects. He is also Co-Chair of the Raymond Williams Foundation.


Movement for cultural democracy is a project challenging received notions of culture as a decorative addition to the social and political system. The project works to create an inclusive space within which culture is experienced as a meaningful, universal and essential part of our everyday lives, and from which a truly popular cultural policy can be created.

Art and Culture


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