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Reading groupTWT Big Tent

People Get Ready! Taking on the City and the State (2 of 3)

Sun 22.09.19
11am – 12:30pm

This session will turn to two domains in which a radical Labour government is likely to encounter serious obstacles and opposition. The first of these is the City of London and the overweening power of financial markets in the British economy, addressing the question of when and how to take on the might of finance capital. The second domain is the British State and the need to democratize, decentralize, and develop new models, approaches, and centres of power in the apparatus of the State.

This is the second of three sessions

Assigned reading:

1. Excerpt from Chapter 3 of People Get Ready! available at

2. Excerpt from Chapter 4 of People Get Ready!, available at


Independent researcher and writer based in Manchester, co-author of People Get Ready! Preparing for a Corbyn Government. She is a Fellow of the Next System Project, a commissioning editor of Renewal journal and a trustee of Rethinking Economics.

Joe Guinan is co-author of People Get Ready! Preparing for a Corbyn Government. He serves as vice president at The Democracy Collaborative, a U.S.-based think-do tank, and is executive director of the Next System Project.

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