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Policy labs
Policy labBrighthelm Auditorium
Policy labBrighthelm Auditorium

Policy Lab: A Socialist Media

024 24.09.19
9AM – 10:30AM

The capitalist media system has never adequately served our democratic needs, and is now in an unprecedented crisis of trust, legitimacy and resources. To create a media for the many, we need radical new ideas. In this policy lab with media workers and reform activists, participants will have an opportunity to put forward their own ideas and discuss and debate some existing proposals. These will include the democratisation of the BBC, establishing a British Digital Co-operative, and publicly-funded co-operative journalism vouchers.

This is part of our 'Manifesto for the Movement' project. Over the course of the four days, hundreds of festival attendees in collaboration with policy experts will build a ‘Manifesto For The Movement’ - a radical document that will be presented to MPs at the end of the festival. Get involved in any TWT Policy Lab to be a part of this.


The World Transformed is a 4-day festival of art, music and politics, running alongside the Labour Party conference in Brighton, working to build left power both inside and outside of parliament.

Policy labs


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