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Political education
WorkshopTWT Activities Tent
WorkshopTWT Activities Tent

Political Education Transformed

Tue 24.09.19
11am – 12:30pm

A strong culture of political education in our movement is essential not only for sustaining a left-wing government, but for holding it to account and pushing it to go even further in the ‘long revolution’ for socialist transformation. The last few years have heard numerous calls for education initiatives that are ‘participatory’, ‘transformative’ and that go ‘beyond panels’. This workshop will think through what this might mean, consider the purpose of political education more generally and support participants to be more experimental in the events they organise.


Charlie is a TWT organiser and currently part of a joint research fellowship supported by the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust, looking into the scope of political education on the U.K left.

Wenke Christophis a political educator and senior advisor in Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung's international department, working on European politics and connecting left and progressive actors and movements.

Ruairidh Paton is an organiser with TWT since 2016 and is the National Organiser for TWT’s Political Education Network.


The World Transformed is a 4-day festival of art, music and politics, running alongside the Labour Party conference in Brighton, working to build left power both inside and outside of parliament.


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung/ Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a transnational alternative policy group and educational institution centred in Germany.

Transform! europe is a network of 34 European organisations from 22 countries, active in the field of political education and critical scientific analysis, and is the recognised political foundation corresponding to the Party of the European Left

Political education


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