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Live Podcast Green Door Stores
Live Podcast Green Door Stores

Red Hacks LIVE: Journalism for the many

Sun 22.09.19
5:30pm – 7pm

From fake news to a crisis of representation, via a myriad other issues resulting from the neoliberal nature of our current media landscape - if we want to rebuild society into something fair and empowering we need to talk about journalism.

This session is for everyone interested in the problems facing journalism and how both the general public and those working in the media can start bringing in change to a fundamentally neoliberal industry.


Simon Childs is the home affairs editor at Vice UK.

Joana Ramiro is host of Red Hacks, a Politics Theory Other podcast. She is a freelance journalist and her articles have been published in the Independent, the Sunday Mirror, New Statesman, Grazia, Vice and others.


Owen Jones is a Guardian columnist and author

Kimberly is a columnist at gal-dem, writes for The Guardian, Metro and Washington Post. She writes about race, sex and dating.


Politics Theory Other is a podcast from Tribune magazine.

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