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Climate justice
WorkshopFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room
WorkshopFriends Meeting House - Meeting Room

Sustainable Energy Without Nuclear

Mon 23.09.19
3pm – 4:30pm

Support for nuclear power is falling away as renewables provide increasingly cheap energy, while cost overruns, radioactive waste problems and faulty construction dog new build. Companies are falling over themselves to offload their interests in nuclear power and government itself is backing off. Meanwhile, the Labour Party and TUC are committed to nuclear power, against all the evidence. Labour needs a new policy and this session will work on one.


Tahir is an aviation worker and President of the Public Communication Services union (PCS) Aviation Group. In his capacity as a PCS NEC member, he sits on the PCS's Climate Change and Environment NEC sub-committee.

Kate Hudson is Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. She is an anti-nuclear activist - fighting against both nuclear power and nuclear weapons

Joan is a representative from Together against Sizewell C, a local campaign organizing against the building of a new nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast.

Kierra is a campaigner at Friends of the Earth, currently working on issues related to Brexit, trade and the environment

Dr Ian Fairlie is an independent consultant on radiation in the environment with degrees in chemistry and radiation biology. His doctoral studies at Imperial College in London and at Princeton University in the US examined the health effects of nuclear waste technologies.  Dr Fairlie was Scientific Secretary to the UK Government’s Committee Examining Radiation Risks of Internal Emitters.


CND campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons and create genuine security for future generations.

Climate justice


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