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Live Podcast Friends Meeting House - Lecture Room
Live Podcast Friends Meeting House - Lecture Room

TRASHFUTURE Live podcast

Mon 23.09.19
1pm – 2:30pm

Join Riley, Hussein, Milo, Nate, Alice, and a special guest as they aim their twelve gauge comedy shotgun at the most asinine and cruel elements of our boring neoliberal dystopia. Our world may be burning down but hey at least we’ll invent a version of Uber for your own kidneys.


Alice Caldwell-Kelly is a transgender Muslim invented by your dad as a joke about diversity. She is also a host of TRASHFUTURE.

Hussein Kesvani is a journalist and author of the bestselling book Follow Me Akhi. In his spare time, he is a doctor at St Tommy’s hospital where he turns babies Muslim, and a barista at the hospital cafe where he overcharges white people for coffee. He is the cool one on TRASHFUTURE.

Nate Bethea is a writer and digital media producer from Indianapolis, Indiana currently based in London. He is the long suffering producer of TRASHFUTURE.

Milo Edwards is a stand up comedian and the final boss of TRASHFUTURE. He came second on a Russian star search show leading him to be briefly famous in Russia.

Riley Quinn is a host of the TRASHFUTURE podcast, and his writing can be found in Jacobin, Novara, the New Statesman and others.

Eleanor Penny is a writer, essayist, editor, poet and broadcaster. She is also an editor at Novara Media.


TRASHFUTURE is a podcast about why late capitalism sucks and puts everything on a stupid app.

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