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PanelTWT Big Tent

What is financialisation and what can come after it?

Mon 23.09.19
5:30pm – 7pm

The dominance of the financial sector in Global North economies has had devastating impacts on the lives and economic wellbeing of communities across the world. From pushing migrant communities in Britain out of factory jobs and into the precarious, night-time economy, to land grabs in the Global South. This panel maps the history of finance capitalism as a new kind of colonialism, and explores how this global system creates new connections between global working class communities. The panel also offers a roadmap out of the financialisation, exploring alternative, large scale economic models that can work for the many, not the few.


As one of the co-founders and now Executive Director of the non-profit division of Cooperation Jackson, Kali Akuno is working to transform the city into ‘a beacon of radical politics’. For the uninitiated, Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi, with a population of around 200,000 people, its 80% black population making it one of the blackest cities in the US, and with 60% of people living below the poverty line. Cooperation Jackson is working, in a context of colonialism, white supremacy and patriarchy, to upend these dynamics through the building of a solidarity economy, to, as he puts it, “transform the material circumstances of the people living in Jackson”.


Yanis Varoufakis is an economist, author and the former Greek Minister of Finance. He was a founding member of Syriza and is currently the General Secretary of the left-wing political party MeRA25. In the 2019 election, he was re-elected to the Greek parliament.

Ann Pettifor is a political economist, author and director of Prime: Policy Research in Macroeconomics and a fellow of the New Economics Foundation.

Tony Norfield is the author of 'The City: London and the Global Power of Finance' (Verso, 2017). For nearly twenty years, Tony Norfield worked in bank dealing rooms in the City of London. In 2014, he was awarded a PhD in Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Maya Goodfellow is a writer and academic. Her book Hostile Environment: How Immigrants Became Scapegoats is out with Verso in November 2019.


The World Transformed is a 4-day festival of art, music and politics, running alongside the Labour Party conference in Brighton, working to build left power both inside and outside of parliament.



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