The World Transformed is organised by a group of activists from across the left and extra-parliamentary social movements. The organisation is comprised of a steering group of 20 people, who give their spare time voluntarily to the project, and 3 paid members of staff, all working on London Living Wage. We also have a community of 300+ committed volunteers for the duration of the festival, without whom the event would not be possible.

The World Transformed is an independent organisation. We only accept grants from organisations whose goals and values are aligned with our own, and none of our funders have any role in our governance structure. That means we are able to remain politically autonomous; bridging the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary left, and creating space for the wider radical movement and policy makers to meet and share ideas.

We also have a monthly donation service for those who want to support our work . We use all our funding to pay for our annual festival, staff costs and to support activists organising political education across the country.


Funding Report 2019


TWT19 cost £210,000 to run - just a fraction of any other festival its size. Of that, ticket sales accounted for less than half of our costs. We are committed to keeping ticket prices as low as possible, to ensure no one is excluded from participating. The rest of our costs are made up by our partners and your donations. Any surplus made at the festival is reinvested into the development of political education across the country, all year round. This year, however, the festival only broke even.

We hired 5 part-time festival coordinators in the runup to TWT19, also working on London Living Wage, who were supported by over 300 volunteers, many of which even gave up their time in the months leading up to the event to ensure its success.

We aim as we grow to be better able to pay for core and ongoing work that keeps the organisation running, and where possible we are prioritising raising funds to pay for work that is undervalued or precarious in wider society, such as arts and cultural work, care work and childcare.

We have been lucky to receive funding from Transform! Europe, The Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust, Guerilla Foundation and The Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust to develop a political education programme across the country, all year round.

However, to offer political education trainings and resources at the scale we have planned, we need to raise even more. We want to move beyond our reliance on major funders for our work, and secure a more sustainable, regular income.

We currently have 300 people giving a small monthly donation to TWT. We’re asking those that support our work to commit to giving the equivalent of one hour’s wage per month, to enable us to pay more people for their work, hire on less precarious contracts, and invest more into the development of a radical, participatory and accessible political education across the country.


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Media Partners

Novara MediaPluto PressVersoRed PepperPolitics Theory OtherRadical Art Review
We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations in our educational and research work:
Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn TrustGuerrilla Foundation
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