Announcing: Games Transformed


The World Transformed, IWGB Game Workers and UTAW are launching Games Transformed! A one-day festival celebrating radical games and game development. There’ll be talks, panels, and cool games to play, and even cooler people to play them with.

In the month before the event, we’ll also be running a game jam* where teams will work together to create a game that will be featured in a custom-built arcade machine at this year’s TWT. Get involved!**

Get tickets for the event or take part in the game jam using the links below!

Get tickets for the event (opens in a new tab) Join the game jam (opens in a new tab)

*What's a game jam? It's an event that runs over the course of anything from a day to many months where developers and game designers are invited to participate, in teams or solo, to create a game within the timeframe provided. It's a fun way to explore the medium and meet people in a relaxed but exciting competition!

**want to really get involved? email gamestransformed[at] if you want to volunteer or contribute to the programme for the event!

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