Full line up to be announced at the end of August


On September 23, the nationally acclaimed The World Transformed festival returns alongside the Labour Party conference. Taking place in Brighton over four days, this celebration of politics and culture will feature hundreds of hours of debate, discussion, performances, exhibitions and screenings, with attendance from high-profile politicians, journalists and musicians, as well as activists from across the country and beyond.

The World Transformed is about imagining the world we want to live in and planning how to get there. And it’s about doing it together. Last year’s The World Transformed in Liverpool saw thousands of people from across the country come together to collaborate and share their ideas, experiences and hopes, with the aim of changing the way we do politics.

This year we intend to do the same. Yet with everything that has happened in the last twelve months, The World Transformed 2017 will also focus on the strategic challenges the Labour Party must overcome to win the next election. Alongside this, there will be broad, visionary discussions on the future of radical politics, unlocking the potential of Labour’s manifesto, and the challenges that a future Labour government might face.

Some highlights include

  • David Harvey talks capitalism and technology with Novara Media
  • Shadow Chancellor John Mcdonnell outlines how Labour will govern from the left
  • Laura Pidcock MP and Faiza Shaheen (CLASS) talk about what it means to be working class and the return of class politics
  • Best-selling author Paul Mason and Clive Lewis MP discuss neoliberalism and what comes after
  • Co-author of Inventing the Future, Nick Srnicek, and feminist academic Helen Hester map a future beyond work
  • Journalists Stephen Bush (New Statesman), Rachel Shabi (Guardian), Ash Sarkar (Novara) and former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn, Matt Zarb-Cousin, debate why the pundits got it wrong
  • Dawn Butler MP and journalist Maya Goodfellow talk about the divides that mark society and how Labour might lead the way in healing them
  • Award winning director David Thacker directs his production of Ron Rose’s 1985 verbatim play, The Enemies Within
  • Harry Leslie Smith chats with Clive Lewis about his new book, Don’t Let My Past Be Your Future
  • Labour’s new intake of MPs tell us how they won their seats, the importance of grassroots activism, and how Labour can win a majority
  • George Monbiot talks about his new book, Out of the Wreckage
  • Cat Smith MP, journalist Abi Wilkinson and Momentum activist Huda Elmi talk youth and politics
  • Jon Ashworth MP talks addiction and mental health
  • Acclaimed filmmaker Ken Loach, artist Barby Asante and artistic director Rhiannon White explore the relationship between art and politics
  • Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti talks employment rights and workplace organising
  • Journalist Dawn Foster and author Hilary Wainwright discuss building a movement beyond Westminster