Trade Union Workshops

The Synergy Centre

11:30 am - 1:15 pm



These sessions are part of The World Transformed’s ‘Pop-up Think Tank’ devoted to exploring the challenges and opportunities facing the trade union movement today.

Precarious Workers of the World, Unite! (11.30 – 12.30): Britain is facing an epidemic of insecure work. Zero hour contracts proliferate and millions of workers are denied basic employment rights and protections. Yet across the country workers are getting organised and fighting back. Join us and hear from workers from McStrike, the Picturehouse and cleaners campaigns, and discuss how precarious workers can win.

How To Organise a Strike (12.30 – 13.15): Despite the uproar and hysteria, there’s no denying the effectiveness and necessity of strikes, especially for a workforce increasingly disempowered by neoliberal reforms. Strikes often follow months, even years, of painstaking organising—but where do we, as workers, even begin? Participate in this fun session on the importance of workplace organising and how you can organise your own campaign.