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Forging a fighting workers' movement

Mon 14.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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We are living in a new gilded age - where the super rich increasingly control more and more of our planet and our lives. The trade unions have been battered by decades of neoliberal attacks and are cautious when it comes to fighting back. Nonetheless, workers in the UK and elsewhere have been fighting inspirational battles for equality, justice, dignity and respect in their workplaces and in their communities, demonstrating how we can forge a fighting workers movement. In this session we will hear directly from some of these workers organising - and winning - on the ground right now.


Ethel Buckley is head of organising for SIPTU, Ireland’s largest trade union

Valery Alzaga (Mexico, U.S) is a trade union organiser and migrant rights activist. She was an organiser in the Justice for Janitors campaign and has worked for unions internationally.

Stephen Lerner is a labor and community organizer, architect of the Justice for Janitors Campaign and leading US critic of the financialization of the global economy.

Cetin is an outsourced worker at St George's University and a member of UVW, where he is leading the campaign to end outsourcing and be brought-in house on equal terms and conditions to direct employees.

Primary school teacher in Croydon and NEU trade unionist activist.

Kevin has 20 years experience of union organising in the UK as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Kevin currently leads organising in the North West region of UNISON where significant resources have been deployed to support workers to build stronger workplace unions. Current initiatives include a dedicated "dispute team" to support members escalate campaigns through to successful strike action and the Careworkers VS Covid19 campaign to build a powerful union of social care workers.

Bosses beware, workers unite!

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