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Slaying the giants: Beating corporate power

Tue 15.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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Corporations have never been so powerful before as they are today. With increasing financialisation and monopolisation of key sectors, it is becoming even harder for workers and movements to beat big business. What strategies are needed to take on the corporations and win? What influence do they have over our political processes and how can that influence be contested? What can we learn from those who have taken on the giants? These questions and many more will be explored in this panel.


Sonja is an organiser with Living Rent tenants' union in Glasgow and was closely involved in Living Rent's successful campaign to defend hundreds of asylum seekers in sheltered accommodation from eviction by Serco.

Annie is a trade union organiser and co-author of the new book Unions Renewed. She was the co-programme coordinator for TWT19.

Alex has been a courier for the last 8 years and has gone from not knowing much about trade unions to becoming the chair of the couriers branch of the IWGB union. He has been involved in multiple campaigns, including helping IWGB to become the first union to be recognised in the gig economy at his previous company The Doctors Laboratory.


Independent researcher and writer based in Manchester, co-author of People Get Ready! Preparing for a Corbyn Government. She is a Fellow of the Next System Project, a commissioning editor of Renewal journal and a trustee of Rethinking Economics.

Saqib is co-director of ACRE (Action Centre on Race and the Economy). He works on campaigns to win racial and economic justice by taking on the financial institutions that are responsible for extracting wealth and resources from communities of color and poor people in order to further enrich themselves.

Bosses beware, workers unite!

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