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Socially distanced organising: new tools to fight back at work

Tue 08.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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With the extreme health risks posed by the pandemic and the threat of further lockdowns, tried and trusted face to face tactics of the movement cannot always be relied upon to win at this moment. Faced with an impending avalanche of redundancies and evictions, what other tactics can we take up to fight back and how can we adapt and make use of digital technologies to strengthen our organising? This workshop hosted by the IWGB union and tech-savvy special guests will show you how.

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Bosses beware, workers unite!

Forging a fighting workers' movement
Mon 14.09.20
6:30pm8:30pm (GMT+1)
With Ethel Buckley, Valery Alzaga, Stephen Lerner, Cetin Avsar, Ellie Sharp & Kevin Lucas
“How may I serve you”? A live chat with call centre workers in Pakistan
Tue 15.09.20
12:30pm2PM (GMT+1)
With Malik Ayaz, Ashok Kumar, Saadia Abbasi & Jose Garcia Oliva
Organising for Power: How do we organise and win?
Tue 15.09.20
6PM8PM (GMT+1)
With Jane McAlevey
Slaying the giants: Beating corporate power
Tue 15.09.20
8PM10PM (GMT+1)
With Sonja Coquelin, Annie Quick, Alex Marshall, Amazon Organiser, Christine Berry & Saqib Bhatti
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