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Down the rabbit hole: radicalisation and the online right

Wed 02.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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In recent years social media platforms have grappled with the growth of far-right extremism on their services and have come under increasing criticism for their role in creating the perfect pipeline for extremist radicalisation. 
While many of the ideas of the so called ‘alt-right’ and its attempts to rebrand white nationalism as a legitimate political movement are nothing new, the relative success of far-right and populist right ideas in recent years represents a monumental shift in our politics.
This session will focus on understanding how a relatively small group of tech-savvy white supremacists and the world's most advanced algorithms have begun to radicalise an entire generation, and what we can do about it.


Ian Danskin is a New England media artist and video essayist. For 15 years – ever since his first Animation class during his sophomore year of high school – Danskin has been working in film, video, audio, animation, and performance. His work focuses on analyzing – and talking about how to analyze – new media, modern technology, and the web, and how to operate ethically in the Information Age.


Caleb Cain is a Youtuber covering the far right, Misinformation, Cults, Terrorism, Hosting healthy dialogue & debate.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Radicalisation and the Online Right


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