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The left and the anti-digital movement

Fri 11.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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From high speed internet and mobile data to a cashless society, the Digital revolution is not going to stop, and we cannot let the Left be left behind. In a world where we need to organise quickly around multiple issues and our enemies have access to funds that we don’t, it is important that we are able to take them on with the skills of our movement in every possible way, on the streets, in the media and online. Why has the left been so behind in using digital technology? How is it affecting our ability to organise? What is the right doing that we just aren't? In this session, we will talk digital, break the conspiracies and build tech education into political education.


Edward Saperia is dean of The London College of Political Technology, which studies emerging communities of practice in the public sector and civil society.

Gemma is a digital designer and member of Common Knowledge, a not-for-profit worker cooperative that builds digital tools for and with grassroots activists. She is also part of the Designers + Cultural Workers branch of United Voices of the World.

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The Left and the Anti-Digital World


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