The Democracy Collaborative is a research and development lab for the democratic economy.

The mission of The Democracy Collaborative is to help catalyze a moral and political transformation of the political economy into a next system that is inclusive, just, reparative, and ecologically sustainable—in contrast to today’s amoral economy of financial extraction. Transforming ownership so that it is broadly shared and redesigning institutions to serve the common good lie at the heart of this work.

The Democracy Collaborative turns ideas of systemic redesign and community wealth building into visions and models of a democratic economy operating within planetary boundaries, while also helping to lay the pathways for systemic transformation.


Owning the Future: After Covid, a new era of community wealth building


The COVID-19 pandemic could become a moment of crystallisation, with communities and governments working together to build a genuinely inclusive economy. But to do so, we need ambitious interventions, both at the national level and at the level of a new common sense built upwards from community. Our paper outlines both.

Online Symposium: “Beyond Covid-19: Prescriptions for Economic Renewal”

The Democracy Collaborative’s Next System Project is hosting an ongoing symposium in which we are floating and testing ideas ranging from new forms of public ownership in new sectors to the need to base economic recovery on a green stimulus and Green New Deal.

Online Resource: “Elements of the Democratic Economy”

This online series is an entry point for all those looking to understand the various building blocks of the democratic economy currently being constructed from the ground up in communities across our nation and around the world.

Online Resource: “Four steps toward reclaiming public medicine for public health”

Medicines were long considered a public good, off-limits to corporate profiteering, price-gouging, and monopolizing. It is time for us to reclaim them as such. We must transform the pharmaceutical sector to successfully combat this crisis, prepare for the next one, and ensure that millions of people have access to the essential medications they need to live healthy lives and participate in society and the economy.

Report: “The case for public ownership of the fossil fuel industry”

We need public ownership for the people, not a bailout for fossil fuel executives. By assuming ownership and control of the coal, oil, and gas industries, the U.S. government can position itself to provide near- and long-term economic security for struggling workers and communities, and to proactively wind down fossil fuel production to meet climate goals.

Report Series: “Ownership futures”

We will need new, more democratic models of public ownership in the emerging commanding heights of the next economy—digital technologies, data and infrastructure, and the natural and common resources that are critical to the continued functioning of our planet—if the 21st century is to be one of genuinely shared prosperity that is democratic and sustainable by design. To that end, The Democracy Collaborative and Common Wealth is producing a series of reports that explore the frontiers of public ownership in the 21st century.

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