Capitalism is Eating Us Up: Food Justice and Health Inequality in Brent

Sat 12.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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Brent in NW London is one of the Boroughs hardest hit by the overlapping inequalities exaggerated by Covid-19. Food is central to this experience from both the consumption and production side of things. Food processing plants have been Covid hotspots, while the kinds of foods we have access to contribute significantly to virus vulnerability. What are the connections between the way we produce and consume food, and the health outcomes that have made Covid-19 so prevalent in Brent? Why is there so much food insecurity across Brent, and what are the consequences for growing inequalities? How have people organised locally to fight these injustices? This session brings into dialogue three activists from different points in the food chain.

We will hear how Brent experiences food poverty and health inequalities, and contribute to the broader discussion on radically transforming our broken food system through democratic, grassroots mobilisation.

Organised by Brent Transformed


Meena is a member of the Angry Workers of the World. She spent five years organising food workers at the Bakkavor plant in Park Royal, NW London and recorded this experience in the book Class Power on Zero Hours.

Dr Ishani Salpadoru has been a GP in South Kilburn for over fifteen years where she specialised in the primary care of diabetes in Brent.

Deidre ‘Dee’ Woods  is an award-winning cook, community food educator, urban agriculturalist, broadcaster, and researcher, with over 25 years’ experience of working in diverse communities. She is co-founder of Granville Community Kitchen, in South Kilburn, London and in 2016 was awarded BBC Food and Farming Awards, Cook of the Year.

Sponsoring Organisations:

A democratic, members-led branch of Momentum. Organising in Brent, and beyond, to deliver a socialist Labour government. Get in touch, tell us about your campaign. Our members can and will support all those in Brent who fight for the many, not the few.

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