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Antisemitism reading group Part 3

Tue 22.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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Eran Cohen and Keziah Berelson lead a four-part series on the origins and manifestation of antisemitism in the UK. Drawing on contemporary and historical sources, TWT’s antisemitism reading group examines the role of antisemitism in modern Europe. The series takes a deeper look at the structural role antisemitism plays in society, looks at the ways antisemitism intersects with other forms of oppression and proposes the means to combat it.

***Applications for this series are now closed***


Eran is a Jewish Labour Party activist.

Keziah is a community engagement worker and Jewish Labour Party member.

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Core Resources

Nadine Talks: How do we tackle the various forms of antisemitism in contemporary society? - Journalist Nadine Batchelor-Hunt interviews trainee-rabbi Lev Taylor and activist Chardine Taylor Stone. They cover a lot of ground. Highly recommended! (55mins audio)

James Baldwin: Negroes Are Antisemitic Because They’re Anti-White - Famous essay exploring racism and relations between black and Jewish people in America. (20mins read)

Treyf Podcast: Jews for Black Lives with Shoshana Brown - While the Institutional Jewish Community condemned the Movement for Black Lives, JFREJ held weekly 'Jews for Black Lives' actions across New York City. Shoshana Brown, an organizer with JFREJ's Jews of Color Caucus, talks about these actions as well as the fraught media discourse surrounding the Movement for Black Lives platform. (37mins audio)

Additional Resources

Judith Butler: BDS and Antisemitism - Judith Butler breaks down the arguments that BDS is antisemitic. (21mins video)

Alexander Abbasi: Semites End The World - In this chapter from Jewish Voice for Peace’s book On Antisemitism, Abbasi builds on Frantz Fanon and others’ decolonial concepts to propose an alliance between the world’s oppressed peoples (who he collectively terms “Semites”). (25min read)

Joni Alizah Cohen: The Eradication of “Talmudic Abstractions”: Anti-Semitism, Transmisogyny and the National Socialist Project - Explains far-right transmisogyny using the Marxist framework developed by Moishe Postone to explain Nazi antisemitism. Put simply, Jews come to personify the abstract side of the value form (e.g. finance) as opposed to the concrete side (e.g. modern industry), so Nazis could oppose one while upholding the other: a flawed anti-capitalism. Similarly, transwomen personify the abstract side of the sex/gender feminine form: they are women in gender (an abstract social construct) but not in sex (the concrete biological underpinning of abstract gender). (30min read).

Unthink racism & imperialism

Anti-Capitalist movements from the Global South
Thu 03.09.20
8PM9PM (GMT+1)
With Vijay Prashad, Vincent Bevins & James Butler
Black Lives Matter and the Left
Sun 06.09.20
7:30pm9PM (GMT+1)
With Dalia Gebrial, Bianca Cunningham, Gargi Bhattacharyya, Nelini Stamp & Annie Olaloku-Teriba
Tearing down Fortress Britain
Mon 07.09.20
6:30pm8PM (GMT+1)
With Rafael Návar, Roger McKenzie, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Akram Salhab, O. R. & Loup Blaster
Reading group
Antisemitism reading group Part 1
Tue 08.09.20
5:30pm7PM (GMT+1)
With Keziah Berelson & Eran Cohen
Palestine and Kashmir: A tale of two occupations
Wed 09.09.20
12:30pm2PM (GMT+1)
With Ben Jamal, Dibyesh Anand, Inshah Malik, Ryvka Barnard & Yara Hawari
Structural racism 101
Wed 09.09.20
8PM9:30pm (GMT+1)
With Angie Speaks, Peter Coffin & Clive Nwonka
Colonialism(s) and the global policing of dissent
Fri 11.09.20
2:30pm4:30pm (GMT+1)
With S'bu Zikode, Radha D’Souza, Gacheke Gachihi, Brian Hioe, Kerem Nişancıoğlu & Shalini Gera
Classroom Simulation
Virtual classroom: Experiences of Physical and Psychological Exclusion
Sun 13.09.20
5PM7PM (GMT+1)
With Zahra Bei, Vik Chechi-Ribeiro & More TBC
Live Podcast
Requires Improvement: What needs changing, reforming or scrapping in education?
Sun 13.09.20
8:30pm9:30pm (GMT+1)
Reading group
Antisemitism reading group Part 2
Tue 15.09.20
5:30pm7PM (GMT+1)
With Keziah Berelson & Eran Cohen
Women resisting fascism: citizenship, solidarity and care
Fri 18.09.20
2PM4PM (GMT+1)
With Aysha Renna, Kawalpreet Kaur, Neha Dixit & Brenna Bhandar
Decades of Labour and anti-racism: A history of struggle and hope
Sun 20.09.20
5PM7PM (GMT+1)
With Madge Dresser, Amrit Wilson & Diane Abbott MP
Reading group
Antisemitism reading group Part 4
Fri 25.09.20
5:30pm7PM (GMT+1)
With Eran Cohen & Keziah Berelson
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