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Defund the police, invest in our communities Part 2: Practical ways to grow peace, safety and justice

Thu 24.09.20
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
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Following on from the first ‘Defund the Police’ session on September 10th, this hands-on session will allow participants engaged in any sort of community or campaigning work to consider how they could incorporate abolitionist* thinking into their campaigns and the policies they fight for.

In conversation with seasoned campaigners on policing, criminalisation and repression of protest, participants will be invited to bring to the session their own thoughts, concerns and experiences on how they encounter policing in their communities . Discussions will focus on practical ideas for change, tailored to participants’ own contexts. Participants and speakers will together devise new policies and tactics that reduce policing interventions and grow peace and justice.

*For more information about an abolitionist perspective, please head to this resources page.

Gracie Mae Bradley is policy and campaigns manager for human rights organization Liberty. She leads on campaigning against the Government’s “hostile environment” policies on immigration, as well as work across policing, counter-terror, and privacy and surveillance.

Joshua Virasami is a political organiser and writer, born in West London. He is a member of different grassroots organisations, including Wretched of the Earth, London Renters Union and Black Lives Matter UK


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