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ACFM Present: Ecologies of Solidarity

Tuesday 28th September7:30pm10pm
Old Steine Gardens - Social Tent

In what contexts do we find hierarchies of solidarity? And how can different solidaristic practices interact? Join TWT stalwarts and hosts of the #ACFM podcast Jeremy Gilbert, Nadia Idle and Keir Milburn in an interactive session to raise your consciousness and move your body as we explore the idea of an ecology of solidarities. With a bag full of good tunes and some good humour to match, come to the home of the Weird Left as we share our experiences of giving and receiving solidarity, reveal how these events interlock, and formulate how we could maximise this potential.


Dr. Keir Milburn works on municipalism, economic democracy and political economy for the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. His most recent book is Generation Left. He is a member of the Red Plenty Games Collective and co-hosts the #ACFM podcast on Novara Media.

Twitter: @KeirMilburn

Nadia Idle is a presenter on Novara Media's #ACFM, an activist and co-editor of Tweets From Tahir.
Jeremy Gilbert is Professor of Cultural and Political Theory at the University of East London.
We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations in our educational and research work:
Lipman Miliband TrustRosa Luxemburg Stiftung LondonBarry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust
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