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Advancing Community Wealth for All

Monday 27th September11am12:30pm
Brighthelm Centre - Auditorium

The Community wealth building movement is growing and is now being adopted and taken forward by dozens of areas across the country. From Preston to Islington, North of Tyne, Wirral and North Ayrshire, community wealth is a correction to an economy based on trickle down, rentierism, wealth and fossil fuel extraction. The practical actions associated with community wealth building are developing jobs, improving wages and giving many more people a genuine democratic stake in the economy, through greater asset ownership. However, there is still much to do.

In this session, the Democracy Collaborative - who have been at the vanguard of advancing the movement in USA and across the globe- are joined by 4 leading lights in community wealth building. They will give their thoughts on their own bespoke progress to date, but importantly think toward the future, so we advance the movement even further and truly deliver community wealth for all.


James Driscoll is North of Tyne mayor for Labour.


Leader of the Wirral and Deputy Mayor of Liverpool City Region

Neil McInroy is Chief Executive of Centre for Local Economic Strategies.

Executive Member for Inclusive Economy and Jobs, London Borough of Islington

Head of Political Strategy, Communications Workers Union

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