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In and Against Book Launch

Monday 27th September4pm5pm

40 odd years after its original publication "In and Against the State" still provokes useful questions for socialist militants. However, it's republication also allows us to redress the forgotten history of a socialist tendency that was more informed by the events of 1968 than by social democracy or Marxist Leninism; a history that has surprising parallels with the movements and events that immediately preceded Corbynism.


Seth Wheeler is a writer, researcher, and activist. A co-founder of the workerist journal 'Notes from Below', and migrant solidarity project 'Channel Rescue'. He is contributing editor to 'Occupy Everything' (2012, Minor Compositions), and 'In and Against the State' (2021, Pluto Press).

Hilary Wainwright is a British sociologist, political activist and socialist feminist, best known for being editor of Red Pepper magazine.
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