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Take Control of Your Area: Fighting Gentrification with People Led Development

Sunday 26th September5:30pm7pm
Old Steine Gardens - North Tent

How can we defeat rentier driven gentrification and create the cities and places we need together? Recent anti-gentrification campaigns and projects are showing the way. Hear from the successful Save Latin Village campaign in Tottenham, campaigners against the gentrification of Brick Lane, and Nudge Community Builders from Plymouth. This session also sees the launch of a new report into the innovative development plans drawn up for two of the campaigns. Based on Public-Common Partnerships these plans aim for the long-term building of common ownership and democratic control over the places we live and work.


Founder and Director of Nudge Community Builders.

Carlos is a trustee of the West Green Road / Seven Sister Development Trust, and a leading voice in the campaign to 'Save Latin Village' and implement the alternative community plan for the site.

Co-founder and Director of Nudge Community Builders.

Dr. Keir Milburn works on municipalism, economic democracy and political economy for the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. His most recent book is Generation Left. He is a member of the Red Plenty Games Collective and co-hosts the #ACFM podcast on Novara Media.

Twitter: @KeirMilburn

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