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An End to Neoliberalism?

Sunday 26th September5:30pm7pm
Brighthelm Centre - Auditorium

Following on from the Coronavirus crisis, has a new economics and politics begun to emerge? How does this relate to shifts underway since the 2008 financial crash? Does the growth in state intervention in the economy present opportunities for the left? Or could we be seeing the emergence of something worse? Come and discuss how our economy and politics are changing.


Paolo is the Director of the Centre for Digital Culture at King’s College, London. He is the author of Tweets and the Streets: Social Media and Contemporary Activism (2012), The Mask and the Flag: Citizenism and Global Protest (2017), and The Digital Party: Political Organization and Online Democracy (2018).


Michal is a political economist and author of The People's Republic of Walmart.

Hilary Wainwright is a British sociologist, political activist and socialist feminist, best known for being editor of Red Pepper magazine.

Author of Left Populism in Europe: Lessons from Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos. Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia and co-convenor of the Political Studies Association Populism Specialist Group.

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