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Friends of the Joiners Arms: Lèse Majesté Cabaret

Monday 27th September9pm11pm
Old Steine Gardens - Big Tent

Friends of the Joiners Arms presents: Lèse Majesté, a night of soul-filling, mind-bending and body-shaking with QUEER MAJESTY! Lèse Majesté is a drag King/drag Thing cabaret night hosted by drag King sensation Prinx Silver which platforms drag artists who don't fit into mainstream narratives.


Prinx Silver is your Spanish Drag King sensation and host of Lese Majeste. They came to the UK with one mission in mind: to destroy the norms of the cis-heteronormative world! Buckle-up!

Mr Wesley Dykes... your favourite rapper, your favourite RnB singer, your friendly neighbourhood fxckboi. He's everything you want without any of the consequences.

Beardy Drag Barbarian, with acts as inconsistent as the Gods themselves. Epic or Tragic? You decide!

CYRO is a queer, non-binary, DRAG THING! Bringing strength, beauty, and awareness to the stage. Exuding political ferocious and heartfelt celebrations of the black trans experience. From performances at Shakespeare’s globe to Fantabulosa! You’ve seen them across the UK and internationally on the stage, in the streets, and if you’re lucky in your sheets.

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