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How the Far Right is Exploiting Climate Change

Monday 27th September7:30pm–9pm
Friends Meeting House

Since the 1990s, the populist right have been at the forefront of climate denial, taking corporate dollars to oppose sustainable energy and transport systems, and campaigning for example to "save diesel". But the extreme right has always had an ecological agenda: it mythologises the land and seeks to return human society to a "natural" state in which women, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ people are subservient. In its most extreme form as in the works of Finnish ecofascist Pentti Linkola, the far right advocates saving the earth by killing billions of people in the global south. In this session we discuss how to identify and counter ecofascism, and why climate catastrophe has become the central premise of those trying to kickstart a global ethnic civil war


A podcast about the far right, with a new book coming soon from Dog Section Press.

Paul Mason is a journalist, film-maker & author of Clear Bright Future: A radical defence of the human being.
Nelini Stamp is the National Organizing Director at the Working Families Party. She works with volunteer leaders across the country to build local progressive infrastructure.

Seema Syeda is co-author of Creeping fascism: what it is and how to fight it. She is a Momentum activist, running campaigns and occupations against fossil fuel funding, and a dedicated trade unionist, on the executive committee of Legal Sector Workers’ United, UVW. She has experience in journalism, law and campaigns.

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