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Monday 27th September7:30pm9pm
Brighthelm Centre - Auditorium

We invite you to a screening and discussion of a work in progress feature documentary made by Dunstan Bruce, the front-man of the anarchist band Chumbawamba and Sophie Robinson, documentary filmmaker.

Twenty years after his fall from grace, Dunstan is angry and frustrated. He’s struggling with the fact that the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart. But how does a middle-aged, retired radical get back up again? 

In search of his long-lost anarchist mojo and in this punk version of ‘A Christmas Carol’; Dunstan tells the extraordinary story of the most audacious anarchist music experiment of all time and delivers a call to arms to those who think activism is best undertaken by someone else. 


Musician and film-maker, founding member of Chumbawumba.

Director of so&so pictures.

Matt is a musician, composer and producer of the ACFM podcast.
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