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Solidarity on the Frontlines: Climate Justice, Sovereignty and Anti-Imperialism

Sunday 26th September5:30pm7pm
Old Steine Gardens - Big Tent

The climate crisis is an international crisis, an imperialist crisis, a racist crisis, and an intersectional crisis. Communities in the global south are on the frontlines of a crisis driven by imperialist governments and multinational corporations extracting wealth at the cost of lives. But these communities are also leading the fight to build a better world, as indigenous communities from the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Ocean organize, resist climate imperialism, and build radical alternatives. Join us to hear from indigenous and grassroots communities, from West Papua to Rojava, as they discuss their communities’ experiences on the frontlines of the climate crisis, how they’re fighting back, and the role the UK must play in turning the tide before it’s too late.


Free West Papua.

Traveller Pride

Indigenous Peoples Rights International

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