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Introducing #TWT21: Building Power from the Ground Up

Tuesday 21st September6:30pm7:30pm

Our society and our world are facing multiple crises - from extreme economic inequity and the rise of the far right, to racial injustice and climate breakdown.

We know that only bold, transformative ideas can offer the solutions we need, yet here in the UK, with an 80-seat Tory majority and a total absence of bold leadership from the opposition, it’s up to us to forge a path toward and organise and win a World Transformed.

After 18 months of isolation and fragmentation, at TWT21 our movement will be coming together to rebuild power from the ground up.

Join us for this special online event to look ahead to this year's festival and to hear from inspiring speakers about our collective struggles going forward.


John McDonnell is the MP for Hayes and Harlington, and former Shadow Chancellor.


Joshua Virasami is a political organiser and writer, born in West London. He is a member of different grassroots organisations, including Wretched of the Earth, London Renters Union and Black Lives Matter UK

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