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Winning Climate Justice 1: Call for Action

Sunday 26th September1pm2:30pm
Old Steine Gardens - Big Tent

We are living through a period of multiple breaking points - from climate to covid to racism. We know that these crises not only overlap, but share the same cause.

While no one can escape the impacts of the climate crisis, those who have done least to cause them suffer the most. Across the world, the poorest people and communities of colour are too often those bearing the brunt. From coastal villages in Norfolk whose sea-defences are eroding faster than ever, to people living by the Niger Delta rivers blackened by oil spillage. 

To solve these problems, we have to solve them all together. Climate justice  recognises that all of our struggles lead back to the same unjust system. Whether we are fighting for better pay at work, for clean water, or against police violence or the opening of a new mine. For control over our bodies or to stop the destruction of forests we live in. We need climate action that works for all of us, not just the people with the most money in their pocket. 

In this session, we will hear from activists and leaders from across the labour movement and debate some of the most pressing issues facing workers and our communities. The second session will be interactive and we will break into small groups to plot and plan together so we can take action for climate justice in the run up to the UN Climate Talks that are taking place in Glasgow in November 2021.

This event will be recorded. Subscribe to the TWT Youtube to make sure not to miss it once it's up!


Jeremy Corbyn is the MP for Islington North and former leader of the Labour Party.


Labour MP for Coventry South.

Clive is the Labour MP for Norwich South.

Asad Rehman is Executive Director of War on Want.

Sponsoring Organisations:

Project for Peace and Justice, founded by Jeremy Corbyn. A hub for discussion and action, building solidarity and hope for a more decent world.

This November, world leaders will meet in Glasgow at the global climate talks to discuss our future. We’re getting organised to bring climate justice to COP26.

Labour for a Green New Deal envisions a prosperous, socialist, zero-carbon society as the alternative to our current world ridden with political, economic and ecological crises. A Green New Deal will transform the economy through unprecedented investment in technology, infrastructure and people
We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations in our educational and research work:
Lipman Miliband TrustRosa Luxemburg Stiftung LondonBarry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust
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