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The Point is to Change the World: Abolitionist Imagination

Monday 27th September7:30pm9pm
Old Steine Gardens - North Tent

Marxist, abolitionist scholar and activist Ruth Wilson Gilmore writes that “abolition is about presence not absence. It’s about building life affirming institutions”: one thing is certain, this building of a new world requires great feats of radical imagination and personal commitment. This panel will bring together activists organising against the Carceral State and ask: What are the new visions which abolitionists are building? Where can we turn to cultivate the power of radical imagination? What can we learn from the practice of love and solidarity expressed in abolitionist networks?


Resist Renew

Zahra Bei is a former PRU Teacher and Co-founder of No More Exclusions, a grassroots coalition movement focused on racial disparities in school exclusion, working for quality inclusive education for all.

Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert is a member of Black Lives Matter UK and the Wretched of the Earth collective.

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